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Sluice of Boezinge

 Sluice of Boezinge

In 1640 the sluice was built under the command of the Spanish rulers Albrecht and Isabella. The special thing about this sluice is the fact that it had a hydraulic construction where through 2 basins 2/3 of the waterconsumption was recovered.

Mill in Elverdinge

Mill in Elverdinge
‘Vermeulen's mill' built in 1843 by Carolus Vermeulen-Smagghe. In 1909 the wings were removed and replaced with a mechanical drive.
Vlamertingseweg - Elverdinge


Castle Du Parc Vlamertinge


Castle of Vlamertinge

In 1856 viscount Pierre - Gustave du Parc builds a castle close to the ‘Kemmelbeek'. This beautiful castle in Flemish Renaissance style, amidst a big park, still possesses its original furniture.
This castle can not be visited.
Hospitaalstraat - Vlamertinge

Castle of Elverdinge

Castle of Elverdinge 

The first castle was built around the 12th century. It originally belonged to the bastard children of the counts of Flanders. During World War 1 the castle burned out completely, in 1925 the reconstruction began, after the design of Architect J. Coomans. The castle was now rebuilt in Rococo style.
This castle can not be visited.
Vlamertingsestraat - Elverdinge