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Explore Ypres

Explore Ypres

Ypres will forever be associated with its role during the Great War, the remains of which lead you through a historic period of world history : In Flanders Fields Museum, the Menin Gate, the Last Post, the battlefields, the cemeteries, ...

But Ypres is so much more than only the First World War.  Discover the other highlights of historical Ypres or dig into its rich history in one of the many interesting museums, telling you the story of Ypres' glorious past.

The Market Square

Churches in Ypres Beautiful churches in historical Ypres

Two major churches in the centre of Ypres are absolutely worth a visit.  The Anglican Saint George's Memorial Church and the main catholic church, Saint-Martin's Cathedral.

Discover all about these and the other churches in the area.


The Vauban Ramparts : Vauban and 17th Century Ypres

The Vauban Ramparts of Ypres are the best preserved in the country.
Their story started ten centuries ago when the city originated on the banks of the Ieperlee. Initially the ramparts were little more than an earth wall with moats.

Walking along the ramparts of Ypres The Vauban Ramparts of Ypres are the best preserved in the country.  

Discover how Marshall Sebastien Leprestre de Vauban renewed the ramparts in the 17th Century and learn about the different functions of the Vauban ramparts in the course of history.


View of the Vauban Ramparts in Ypres


Dive into an interesting story of historical Ypres : Lille Gate, Souterrains, Old Ice Cellar, Gatekeepers' House, Lock Chamber, Medieval Towers, Ammunition Dump.

Heritages of medieval prosperity in historical Ypres

Walking through the streets of Ypres, you will encounter a number of fine heritages from the Middle Ages taking you back to Ypres' most prosperous commercial period : Cloister Gate - Theatre, Wooden House, Het Steen, Butcher's House, Old Fish market, Guild Houses.

Historical Ypres and its guild houses

In and around Ypres a number of interesting museums are definitely worth a visit.  Each museum focuses on a different aspect of Historical Ypres.

Hotel-Museum Arthur Merghelynck
: displaying the lifestyle of 18th century nobility.
Museum Godshuis Belle : beautiful items form the rich collection of Ypres Public Social Welfare Centra (paintings, tapestry)
Onderwijsmuseum : on the history of education in Flanders from the Middle Ages to the present day
Stedelijk Museum :  an overview of the age-old history of Ypres



Ypres and the Great War

Discover the Great War in Ypres centre

The Great War left a trail of destruction in and around Ypres
Over five million British and Commonwealth soldiers passed through Ypres on their way to the Salient

All over Ypres memorials, cemeteries and museums remember us of the meaningless slaughter of the Great War.

The Last Post

Every evening at 8pm precisely, the "Last Post" has been sounded since 1928 under the imposing arches of the Menin Gate.
The Last Post
, traditionally the last salute to the fallen warrior, is played in memory of the soldiers of the then British Empire and Allied Forces who fell in the Ypres Salient during the First World War.  Even almost one hundred years later, the ceremony remains impressive. 

The Last Post in historical Ypres remembering the great war

In Flanders Field Museum

Right in the centre you can visit In Flanders Field Museum, the large, interactive museum on the Great War.
In the In Flanders Fields Museum visitors are mainly moved by the stories of ‘ordinary people'. Voices and faces of real people make war tangible and personal: men, women and children, civilians and soldiers, authors and artists... They confront us with their war, our past.

Find out more......

  In Flanders Fields Museum