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Ypres and the Great War

Last Post

11th of November - Armistice - Menin Gate

Every evening at 8pm precisely, the "Last Post" has been sounded since 1928 under the imposing arches of the Menin Gate. This memorial shaped like a Roman triumphal arch displays the names of 54.896 soldiers of the then British empire who went missing in action.

This memorial lists the names from the beginning of the war until 15 August 1917. The soldiers who went missing after 16 August 1917 until the end of the war, are mentioned on panels at Tyne Cot Cemetery in Passendale. There are 34.984 of them.
The Menin Gate was built in the location of the old mediaeval gate.

During the First World War the British troops marched through this ‘gate' to defend the "Ypres Salient". This salient was a pocket in the straight front line approximately 25 by 15 km. After the First World War grateful citizens set up the Last Post Association. The former enemies fell in almost as great numbers and are also involved in this solemn ceremony.

From January 1st through December 31st and in all weather conditions the buglers of the Last Post Association sound the "Last Post". On November 11th at 11 am a special Last Post ceremony takes place to commemorate Armistice.

The Last Post Association has developed an app for anyone planning to attend the daily act of remembrance under the Menin Gate. The app offers you the following information:

The Last Post Association and the daily ceremony

The Menin Gate and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Find a soldier:
find all of the more than 54,000 soldiers who are commemorated on the Menin Gate with the panel on which they are mentioned with a detailed map of the Menin Gate

Remember a soldier
Soldier of the day: read the story of a specific soldier on each day of the year

A detailed timeline

Do you know: extra information on soldiers.

This application has been developed in close collaboration with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

App is available in app store  and Google Play 

Last Post Association

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