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Ypres and the Great War

Cycle Routes 14-18

Following cycle routes are for sale on the visitor's centre of Ieper

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Peace cycle route

The Peace Route offers an ideal introduction to the Ypres Salient, the old arch-shaped front line which enclosed Ypres on three sides during the First World War. It starts on the market square in the heart of Ypres and first leads to the Palingbeek provincial domain, Hill 60 and Hill 62 - three locations of great strategic significance for the armies of both sides. The route continues through pleasant countryside and passes a number of impressive military burial sites, including Tyne Cot Cemetery in Passendale, the German Soldatenfriedhof in Langemark and Essex Farm Cemetery in Boezinge.


Departure: Grote Markt Ieper

Distance: 45 km

Price: € 2.00

Cycle Routes 14-18 

Ypres Salient

The Ypres Salient was created at the end of October 1914. An arc-shaped front formed itself around Ypres. Both armies dug in and fought from a continuous system of trenches and mineshafts. The ‘Little Ypres Salient' remained virtually unchanged from May 1915 to August 1917. A half million soldiers of over 50 different nationalities died there. Because of this, "the Salient" became one of the most notorious places along the Western front. This cycling route (36 km) takes you along the front line around Ypres.


Departure: Visitor's Center for Ieper and the Westhoek - Cloth Hall - Grote Markt 

Distance: 36 km

Price: € 2.00

Poison Gas

On 22 April 1915, German troops opened around 6,000 cylinders filled with chlorine gas over a 6 km front line between the Stampkothoeve and ‘t Halfweghe huys. On that day, and the following days, around 5,000 soldiers and civilians lost their lives and thousands more continued to suffer the negative effects of the gas throughout their lives. The use of this weapon of mass destruction is considered the birth of chemical warfare.


Departure: Town Hall Langemark-Poelkapelle

Distance: 41 km

Price: € 2.00

The Legacy 

Zonnebeke is the heart of the famous Ypres Salient from World War I. The Battle of Passchendaele in 1917, where hundreds of thousands of people were killed in only a few months' time, still is an international symbol of gratuitous war violence. The Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 remembers vividly of the Battle of Passchendaele. The museum, situated in a beautiful castle park, is the ideal base for a tour to the ancient battle fields. With the Legacy cycle route you can, starting at the museum, discover the rich heritage of the municipality of Zonnebeke in a pleasant manner.

Departure: Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 - Berten Pilstraat 5a - Zonnebeke

Distance: 37 km

Price: € 2.00


The cycling route follows the tracks of the First World War behind the front. The first stop after hell, where soldiers washed off the mud and blood, healed their wounds or died from them. Poperinge, or POP as the British used to call it, was flooded with foreign troops for four long years. They came to rest for a few days in POP, close to the people, or to stand trial for their failures in the business of war.

Departure: Tourist Office Poperinge - Grote Markt 1 - Poperinge

Departure: 41 km

Price: € 2.00