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Taste our typical Ypres Specialties

Ypres Tapjesvlees

Tapjesvlees is a larded rump of braised veal or pork. To lard is to insert bacon in the meat. These pieces of bacon in the meat are called ‘tapjes'. The meat is then braised, i.e. it is slowly pot roasted on a bed of fine vegetables.

The senator tart is an old regional specialty that dates back to the fifties. The origin of its name is unknown. It is made with puff pastry, biscuit, butter, apricot jam and roasted slivered almonds.

Ypres Beschuit
This is a slice of sweet bread with a pinch of cinnamon that is covered on both sides with brown sugar. The sweet bread is then briefly baked in the oven. The Ieper Dutch rusk is absolutely delicious with goose liver pâté.

Ieper is also known as the city of cats because of its traditional three-yearly Cat Parade and in former times because of the cat throwing. This is where the cat's claw finds its origin.
The cat's claw is a Danish pastry made with puff pastry and shaped like a claw. This claw is filled with crème patissière, sugar candy, small pieces of apple and raisins.

Cockerulle Cake
This cake is ideal with English tea. Almonds and candied fruit have been added for extra flavour.

Terrine of Sea eel
To preserve fish leftovers a terrine was made using a herb jelly with spinach and basil.