• Menin Gate
  • Ramparts
  • In Flanders Fields Museum
  • Cloth Hall -  Poppy Appeal

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Trips in Ypres


The tourism application i-Ieper takes you on a journey of discovery through the rich history of Ypres. You explore the famous but also the less well-known spots of Ypres on foot with the help of your tablet or smartphone. The application can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store.

This application focuses on the origin and evolution of Ypres throughout the centuries rather than on the impact of the First World War. From an important and prominent medieval player in Flanders to a fortified city and the unique, lively city of today.

Different from a traditional city map/brochure
Unlike a conventional mapped walk, you don't have to strictly follow the application route from point A to point B. You can start anywhere. You click on a 'pawn' and you are taken to the nearest remarkable attraction, by GPS function or not (if you are online). The navigation accompanies you from one stop to the next. You go on a city discovery trip based on some 40 stops. You are given a short explanation and three interesting 'did-you-know-that' at each stop. These items are - where possible - illustrated with historical visual material that brings the past of Ypres to life. The application also remembers where you have already been, so you can go through the complete walk.