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Ypres : a city to experience, discover and enjoy

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Ypres is a city with a very rich and varied past. During the Middle Ages Ypres was a flourishing trading centre. In those days Ypres was one of the main Flemish cloth centres next to Bruges and Ghent. During the First World War the charming town was reduced to a heap of rubble.  Ypres was almost entirely destroyed by four years of senseless violence. The citizens of Ypres rebuilt their city with respect for the past.


Ypres is a charming city for you to discover. The memory of the Great War is kept alive in one of the museums or on the historic sites. The medieval  character of Ypres can be experienced in the cosy centre or on the ramparts. Ypres has all facilities to accommodate each one of you.  

Visit the Visitors Centre for Ypres and the Westhoek, located in the western wing of the Cloth Hall. There you will discover the many assets of Ypres, Flanders Fields and French Flanders, over the border.



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